As a wedding photographer, Cara Mitchell only sees love through the lens of her camera. She has no time for trying to figure it out on her own.

So when her temporary trip to Maple Glen to help her aunt turns into a matchmaking attempt, Cara has no idea that Vince Bradley, Maple Glen’s finest deputy and the very man she’s been hoping to avoid, would be the one writing her a ticket for parking in a restricted zone. 

So much for small town charm.

Vince knows Cara isn't planning to stick around. Her heart lies with her clients in the city. But that doesn’t stop him from handing over his own heart to the gorgeous stranger who swept into his life so unexpectedly. 

Can Vince convince Cara that she deserves the happiness she captures in her photographs? Or will she return to the city and leave him to try and remember life without her? 

Everything’s sweet in Maple Glen and Vince has no intentions of letting Cara leave without realizing that for herself.

Coffee for Two


    ©2019 by Author Christina Butrum.